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The festival would not be complete without immersing yourself in our vibrant Wellbeing Market and indulging in some retail therapy. Here, you’ll discover independent organisations, companies and therapists with a wealth of experience, expertise, treatments and treats for you to sample, try and buy. Relax with a massage, discover some cool music, experience a therapeutic sound bath, connect with your soul through meditation and receive guidance from a spiritual reading. A fantastic opportunity to stock up on some of the world’s finest books, vitamins, organic beauty products, yoga supplies, supplements, candles, essential oils, handmade jewellery, crystals and so much more!

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  • D54 Actimel --
  • C38 Amazonite Griffin & A Bridge to Tranquillity

    Amazonite Griffin have a range of enchanted products all vegan and eco friendly, individually made set with intentions, through the study of alchemy, herb lore and crystal healing, to help aid you in day to day life. The range consists of enchanted candles and bath bombs each containing a crystal at the centre, bath salts, bath oils, body scrubs, facial oils, sprays and a limited eddition enchanted candle that will only be available to purchase at this enchanting event.


    A Bridge to Tranquility is providing a unique healing service through connection with the universe, spirit and ancestors to deliver guidance readings, chakra balancing and Sekhem healing. A Bridge will also have ready made herbal potions bottled and will be launching the first ever range on enchanted spraysallowing you to bring the beautiful energy of magic into your home, practice and rituals of everyday life. Reminding us all that #youdonthavetobeweirdtobespiritual



    Amazonite Griffin - Enchanted Candles, bath bombs, bath oils, bath salts, facial oils, sprays, face sprays, body scrubs

    A Bridge to tranquility- witchual sprays and potions. Sekhem, readings chakra re balancing 

  • B28 Andrea & Laura Miles Jewellery --
  • B50 Angelic Energies

    Sophie Fox is passionate about supporting your wellbeing and journey of self discovery. She offers various sessions via Zoom. These include Angel Guide Sessions to bring you closer to your Angels, find out which are working with you, receiving messages and healing from them. A Guided Life Mediation brings clarity across twelve main areas of your life. Future Life Progression allows you to see five and ten years into the future, as well as seeing your best possible future. This enables you to let go of any fear or uncertainty that’s holding you back right now.

    Come to stand B50 to find out which Angel is with you and try a free sample of the gorgeous Scented Healing Angel Mist to go with your selected Angel. These are charged with Angelic Reiki & attuned to your Angel so they will cleanse your aura and space and connect you to the Divine. Mala beads and Angel neclaces are also on sale, as well as a small selection of labradorite jewellery, healing crystals and crystal Angels. Numerology reports are available to order. Find out more about everything Angelic Energies has to offer at www.AngelicEnergies.co.uk


    Promotion of Angel Guide Session, a Guided Life Mediation, Future Life Progression & Numerology Reports. Selling Scented Healing Angel Mists, healing crystals, small selection of jewellery, mala beads, crystal Angels. 

  • D84 Anonymous Love Letters #sharethelove

    Write one, find one and help us #sharethelove around the festival 


    paper envelopes and craft materials

  • D41 Arbonne --
  • D56 Ascension Collection by Tina --
  • B54 Ashok Tree Foundation --

    The Bach Flower School is founded on Dr Edward Bach’s philosophy and remedies for self-healing. It offers a Foundation Course and accredited Practitioner Diploma, plus continual support via live online tutorials and a highly active Facebook group.  The Bach Flower School also offers a range of Bach Remedy consultations through certified Bach Flower Practitioners.  Why not come and speak to Rose and find out more?



    The Bach Flower School offers helpful advice and training on the Bach Flower Remedies along with Bach Flower Remedy consultations.  The stand will be offering related literature, books and remedies for sale along with the opportunity to secure special Show Discounts on all of the Schools online trainng packages.

  • C8 Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Inc --
  • C52 Big Juice --
  • B35 Biotek 420 - CBD Products --
  • D31 Bournville Therapy Centre --
  • C6 Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre --
  • D68 Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre --
  • B56 Buddha Therapies Academy --
  • C78 BuddhaMagic & Mindism --
  • C54 Canal & River Trust --
  • C39 Cancer Research UK

    A great way to support vital research into treatments for those suffering from cancer. as well as learning about what the charity do for those that they help.


    Fundraising campaigns through direct debits to support vital research so we can beat cancer.

  • D24 Cath Lloyd, Make The Change

    I will be offering short lifestyle change consultations that can be booked on the day to help you get started on making the changes that you want to make in your life.  Sometimes we know what we don't want or we can feel stuck as to the next move we need to make.  This is the perfect opportunity to start focusing on what you want to change in your life, and start investigating how you are going to get going with making those changes.


    As a life coach and stress relief expert, I will be offering lifestyle change and stress relief support.  I will be selling my book, 'When Dad Becane Joan: Life with my transgender father'. 

  • D36 ClickHeat --
  • D22 Colour Personality Analysis --
  • C45 Conscious Chocolate --
  • B26 Cornish Crystal Cavern --
  • Crystal Clear Psychics --
  • C15 Dekhomai --
  • E8 Divine Empowerment - Energetic Evolution --
  • B14 DOTERRA - Essential Oils --
  • B29 Dru Yoga --
  • B12 Forever Living Products --
  • C40 Gifts From The Gods --
  • B20 Greenpeace

    Rising sea levels, more extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity. Our climate is breaking down and destructive industries continue to threaten our forests, oceans and air. But together we can overcome these challenges. Learn more about what Greenpeace is doing to protect our natural world for future generations.


    Rising sea levels, more extreme weather events, loss of biodiversity. Our climate is breaking down and destructive industries continue to threaten our forests, oceans and air. But together we can overcome these challenges. Learn more about what Greenpeace is doing to protect our natural world for future generations.

  • C14 Guide Dogs

    Sponsor a guide dog puppy and follow every step of their amazing journey to becoming a life changing guide dog for someone with sight loss. This is a unique experience you can share with your friends and family.


    Fundraisers will invite people to become direct debit donors for our sponsor a puppy campaign

  • C34 Halcyon Naturals --
  • V3 Handmade Natural Food --
  • D51 HAZE Candles --
  • B53 Healing Interpretation & Mineral Analysis of Hands --
  • B64 Hemera -Crystal Water Bottles --
  • B32 Hempen Co-operative --
  • B19 i9 Living
    At i9living, energy and positive vibrations are our craft and passion with the mission to offer services and products that enable people to find our inner peace, increase the level of our vital energy, become more creative and experience awareness.

    Informed water bottle - Revitalizes water

    Energy Card - Harmonizes life force energy

    3D Energy Tag for Mobile Phone - Protects the body from exposure to mobile radiation

    3D Energy Tag Harmony - For mood improvement, mental calmness, muscle relaxation, overall wellbeing and peacefulness

    3D Energy Tag for Refrigerator - Restores the natural attributes and vibrations of food and beverages

    3D Energy Tag Microwave - Increases microwaved food's vitality

    3D Energy Tag Food and Beverage Machines - Protects and improves Food and Beverages vitality

    Energy Placemat - Harmonizes food and beverages information-energy potential

    3D APIT Energy Patches - Relieves pain

  • D28 Ikigai Apparel --
  • B60 ION Powerful Compnay --
  • Pop Up ISKCON Pop Up Temple --
  • D26 IUVO Skincare --
  • B16 Jade Lotus

    My jewellery is designed, lovingly made in my UK studio by myself. Using both traditional methods of silversmithing and modern techniques. Being a believer of energy and how important good energy is my business also brings together a collection of curated items – these include aromatherapy diffuser jewellery, meditation cushions, crystal water bottles and books on crystals as well as natural crystals. Please pop over to my stand and come explore the treasures I hold.


    Handmade Jewellery

    Crystal Jewellery

    Aromatherapy Necklaces

    Crystal Water Bottles

    Meditation Cushions

    Natural Crystals

    Crystal Books

  • C32 Jung Shim --
  • B42 Just Jules of London --
  • D44 Kangen Water

    Kangen Water is delicious water created  from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty and cleaning.


    Kangen Machine 2no. (K8 & SD501)

    Anespa Shower

    Ukon Tumeric Capsule




  • C44 Kijani Living --
  • D64 Kind Kompany

    At Kind Kompany, our promise is to always stay kind; all of our clothing is ethically sourced and manufactured. Made from organic cotton, our range is free from allergenic and toxic chemical residues.

    Our packing bags and mailing bags are all made from recycled materials and are biodegradable.

    At Kind Kompany, our vision is to spread positivity one garment at a time. We are creating a comfortable and accepting legacy for equality and love, allowing people to express themselves and be true to who they are.


    Kind Kompany will be selling organic clothing, t-shirts, hoodies, long sleeved t- shirts and sweaters. 

    Also on display (not for sale) will be the owners self help published book 'i choose me' advertsied as it is available on amazon.co.uk. 

  • B24 Kinesiology Association

    The Kinesiology Association (KA) is a major Kinesiology Association supplying accredited nationwide courses taught by a highly qualified faculty. The Kinesiology National Occupational Standards (KNOS) have been granted and KA accredited courses comply with, and exceed, KNOS requirements. The syllabus includes reproducible techniques clinically researched by physicians. Professional kinesiologists will be at the stand B24 offering 15 minute taster sessions and answering queries relating to practitioner training, availability of local practitioners and what to expect in a kinesiology balance.


    Professional kinesiologists will be offering 15 minute taster sessions of Kinesiology, answering queries relating to practitioner training, availability of local practitioners and what to expect in a kinesiology balance.

  • D1 Laila Wellbeing --
  • D61 Lava Artworks

    Lava Artworks is an events & online retailer of over 100 varieties of Crystal Gemstones & Gemstone Jewellery.


    Crystal Gemstones, Gemstone Jewellery, Healing Gemstones, Minerals, Smudging.

  • C33 Litios-Especialness --
  • E4 Lumina Jewellery --
  • C46 Maitreya the World Teacher --
  • D12 Mantra Jewellery

    Mantra is jewellery that changes the way you feel. It combines the power of words with the beauty of jewellery.

    Each piece of jewellery symbolises a specific mantra, intended to make a positive impact on the way that you feel.

    Wear your jewellery and  hold onto it a few times throughout the day, saying the mantra to yourself.

    The powerful words will change your mood and your mindset.

    Jewellery is Sterling Silver and 18ct Gold-plated, and retails from £20 to £75 for necklaces, and £20 for earrings. 


    View us before the event at www.mantrajewellery.co.uk. 



    Sterling Silver and 18-ct Rose and Yellow Gold-plated Sterling Silver jewellery combining powerful words (mantras) with beautiful jewellery. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets. We will also bring our engraving machine, so that jewellery can be personalised. 

  • D46 Meridian Handpans

    Meridian Handpans are hand-made music instruments which have evolved from and are inspired by the steel-drums of Trinidad & Tobago. Played gently with the hands, these insturments produce a beautiful, soulful melody. They can be played easily by almost anyone, and no musical knowledge is required. Handpans (often referred to as 'hang') have become increasingly popular instruments over the last 20 years and their beautiful song is now often used to aid meditation, sound healing, sound baths and yoga classes around the world. 


    Handpan musical instruments, hand-made in Bristol, UK. 

  • C18 Michelle Tuck Jewellery --
  • B8 Mind Align UK - Hypnotherapy --
  • C47 Mora Medtech - Bio Resonance --
  • B38 NameXpert - Name Readings --
  • D63 Nature 1st CBD --
  • B1 Neal's Yard Remedies Organic --
  • C37 Oldberrow Court Retreats --
  • D59 Oraphim
    Shungite products, stones, powder, jewelery, pyramids, pet tags, shower heads, soap balm, cloud buster

    Shungite products, stones, powder, jewelery, pyramids, pet tags, shower heads, soap balm, cloud buster

  • B47 Pamper For You - Mobile Massage --
  • C51 Penny Price Aromatherapy

    Penny Price Aromatherapy is renowned for our expert knowledge, excellent training academy and high quality natural products within the aromatherapy community. A well trusted supplier for all things aromatherapy based, this family orientated business prides itself on being dedicated to the needs of customers and further research into the aromatherapy world.


    Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Pre Blended Aromatherapy Products to include essential oil blends, massage oil and lotion blends, bath and body care products.

  • E3 Phoenix School of Personal & Professional Training --
  • B50 Pleaides Healing System --
  • C35 PURE Crystals - Drink the Energy --
  • C10 Ragg Tuning Forks

    The highest quality sound therapy and healing tuning forks manufactured in Sheffield, England by Ragg Tuning Forks. Ragg's tuning forks are known and used around the world for improving health and wellbeing. The hand-crafted products are associated as the finest quality, with the Ragg forks providing the user with a longer ring and consistent, accurate sound.

    The forks on sale will include single and sets of tuning forks including OM, Otto's, Solfeggio, Chakra, Acu Sound and Sound of God. There will also be tuning fork accessories including tuning fork wallets, hammers and rubber activators. 



    The highest quality sound therapy and healing tuning forks manufactured in Sheffield, England. These will include single and sets of tuning forks including OM, Otto's, Solfeggio, Chakra, Acu Sound and Sound of God. There will also be tuning fork accessories including tuning fork wallets, hammers and rubber activators. 

  • D10 Regenerative Health - Live Blood Analysis --
  • D32 Reina London --
  • B40 Relax Kids --
  • B23 Reveal Solutions Training

    Professional personal development training company specialising in mBraining and NLP pubic trainings in the UK and Internationally.

    Authors of a range of personal development coach card products including GROW Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Resillience, Values and Strengths Cards

    Distributers of Merlin self development Cards


    mBraining training, NLP Training, Coaching Card Products

  • D18 Riverford Organic Farmers

    Riverford are mad about organic veg. We’ve been growing it for 30 years, choosing varieties for flavour and looking after our soil, wildlife and water sources. Every day we pick, pack and deliver the very best from our fields straight to your door in our iconic veg boxes (voted the Observer’s Ethical Product of the Decade). It’s all organic, delivery is free, and we’ll bring seasonal recipes every week to help inspire you in the kitchen. Eating well has never been easier! Come and meet us at our stall, or visit riverford.co.uk.


    Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes, Organic Recipe Boxes and online farm shop - all for home delivery


  • C43 Rockchic Crystals --
  • C4 Rose + Amber - Crystal Conversations --
  • D52 Salty Lamps --
  • D11 Sandstone Yoga

    Yoga and Pilates classes, passes, memberships. Teacher Training courses, workshops and retreats both UK and abroad.


    Yoga and Pilates classes and memberships

  • D16 Santosa Yoga & Meditation --
  • B6 Savage Cabbage --
  • B44 Secret Whispers


    UK MULTI AWARD WINNING COMPANY - Buy from a trusted superior UK quality brand. The Complete Kegel Weights Pelvic Floor Muscle Toner Exerciser Kit. 6 Step Progressive Weight Programme to Strengthen Weak & Prolapsed Bladder Control Fast - Dr Recommended - Free E-Book. The best pelvic floor muscle toner trainer available. Join the hundreds of women who have achieved a stronger pelvic floor. The luxury quality makes this an ideal gift for your sister, mother and friend.


    NEW** Period Cups** Will be exhibited for the first time at the Mind Body Spirit Exhibition. Due to huge demand we have designed an environmentally friendly Period Cup Kit. There are 2 different sized cups made with medically graded silicone and comes with 2 organic cotton bags that are eco friendly and even biodegradable.  The cups are great for your bodys health and the environment. They can last 10 years so no need for any sanitary wear. They only need to be changed twice a day!


    Secret Whispers 6 Step Kegel Exercise Kit

    Secret Whispers Period Cups Kit

  • B51 Sesame Kingdom --
  • D4 Shakti Art

    Energy Art, using Acrylics on canvas, from smaller pieces to large pieces. All are originals. The paintings are created following a period of mediation for healing. The pieces are not named which allows the viewer to see into the art themselves and draw what they need.

    Handcrafted, unique pieces of jewellery using various crystals as centre pieces as well as other natural, unique objects.


    Energy, healing Art using acrylics on canvas, from small pieces to larger pieces. All are originals.    

    Handcrafted, unique pieces of jewellery using various crystals as centre pieces as well as other natural, unique objects.

  • C42 Simply Supplements

    Simply Supplements

    Established over a decade ago, we have grown to become an industry leader supplying customers all around the world with premium quality supplements. Our purpose is simple. We are here to provide customers good quality products and value for money as well as genuine customer care, making healthy living simpler!



    Premium Quality Nutritional Supplements to include:


    Cod Liver Oil

    Omega 3

    Vitamins and Minerals

    Whey Proteins

    Weight Management Supplements

    CBD Oils

    Liquid Collagen

    Vegan Supplements

    Pet Supplements

    Nutrional Advice with Matt Durkin MSc


  • D86 SIREN LIVING - Health Supplements for Women --
  • E12 Sole Mates --
  • D34 Source Energy Healing --
  • A12 Spirit Visions --
  • B52 Spiritualists' National Union

    The SNU has over 300 churches and centres across the UK and abroad in which we celebrate the eternity of life. We will be selling Spiritualist books and cards, and providing Spiritualist healing for the duraton of the weekend. Come and speak to us to find out more.


    Books, Cards, magazines, Leaflets.

    Spiritual Healing available.

  • C44 Stable House --
  • E6 Stepping out of the MATRIX

    Return to Unity Consciousness through Healing, Transformation and spiritual Evolution with Diana Jaritz


    Selling Shungite, Elite Shungite Aura Sprays for EMF protection, Shungite jewellery


    promoting different transformation methods for "stepping out of the matrix"

    selling healing crystals, Shungite and Shungite aura sprays

  • D53 Sugavida --
  • D66 Sweet Revolution

    We're passionate about creating recipes that nourish your body and feed your soul!

    Our range of alternative lattes use some amazing superfoods - Matcha green tea, turmeric, raw cacao, beetroot and the adaptogenic mushrooms Reishi and Lion's Mane.

    Using the finest organic ingredients, we ensure that everything is ethically produced.  Our lattes are all certified vegan and free from dairy, refined sugar, gluten and/or caffeine.



    Organic Superblend Lattes

    Sampling and selling packs

  • C11 The Balance Procedure --
  • C58 The College of Naturopathic Medicine

    At CNM – College of Naturopathic Medicine, we train Nutritional Therapists, Health Coaches, Herbalists, Acupuncturists and Natural and Vegan Chefs – and UK wide we produce approximately 900 practitioners per year, who then go on to help people feel better and get better via food and lifestyle advice.

    Turn your passion into a career and train at CNM! Visit our exhibition stand for more information and special offers, only available to exhibition visitors


    We will display informative material on CNM formative offer - diploma courses, short courses, health talks, open evenings...all both online and in-class


  • D2 The Crystal Matrix --
  • D74 The Holistic Hut --
  • D58 The Knowledge Book --
  • C26 The Spirit Cafe --
  • V1 The Wandering Pizza co --
  • D6 The Zen Shop --
  • B48 Total Therapy Redditch
    Physical health treatments, Tuina and Indonesian oil massage, hot and cold cupping, gua sha and hopi ear candles
    Physical health treatments, Tuina (Chinese medical massage), Indonesian oil massage, hot and cold cupping, gua sha and hopi ear candles
  • B62 Traceyash.com --
  • D8 Tree Treasures --
  • B61 TRUVIV --
  • D57 Unity Ventures Holistic

    I am a shamanic master, my line of sharing is in the course of assisting those to transform energetic blocks into bridges for core healing to take shape. I work with my spirit team and angel guides as I weave through the elements of the chakras and DNA of the client, this helps to pinpoint core issues of the individual and that of the family line that presents a negative impact for the client. Once dis-ease is located, the client is then taken through short meditations that are light encoded for deeper healing that will activate the relevant soul codes of the individual. I use feathers, a drum and singing bowls to facilitate clearing of the aura and for journeying with and through the clients timeline and in some cases, the energy of their blood.

    My way way of working is centred around the individual, therefore, depending on the circumstances of the client, my angel guides will also interject at times and apply reiki energy through me, by the way of directing further attention to particular points of the client. Overall, the intention set, is for the individual to claim back or strengthen in their being[ness], to stand in wholesomeness, their truth.


    Singing bowls will be used to open and assist in clearing the energy centres. I will also be using shamanic feathers, rattle and drum. To assist me in holding the space, I will use some crystals. All that I have mentioned are not for sale, but for my personal use.

  • B2 Wear Your Voice --
  • A8 Weleda

    Come along to the beautifully quirky Weleda Nice Cream Van, take a selfie and enjoy a relaxing hand massage from our wonderful Wellbeing Advisors. Learn about our products, purchase some of your favourites and take away some free samples. We can't wait to welcome you to the wonderful world of Weleda!


    Weleda Wellbeing Advisors will be there with the Nice Cream Van offering relaxing hand massages and on hand to talk about Weleda natural health and wellbeing products and have some available to purchase as well as some free samples to take away. 

  • B49 Wellness Water --
  • C24 Wishes - Crystals & Retreats --
  • D40 Womanology --
  • C20 Woodland Trust --
  • D72 WWF --
  • C55 Yogamasti Yoga Wear --
  • B46 Yogi Tea --
  • B31 Young Living Essential Oils --
  • B5 Zen Buddy

    Zen Buddy is the latest interactive meditation app for wellness, growth and self-improvement. Get ready to get to know Buddy the Owl, the face and mascot of Zen Buddy. We can guide you through the harsh stresses of busy life and make sure you stay motivated and self-aware. Join us for a meditative journey full of soothing breathing exercises, relaxing stories to help you unwind and peaceful sessions to boost your mood. We’ve got journal prompts, plenty of music and an emotion tracker to help improve your mental health. We’re on a mission to create more health, happiness, success and wellness in the world…


    Services involving the App -


    ·         Psychoeducation on mental health issues.

    ·         Guided audio meditation.

    ·         Explanation of the journal feature.

    ·         Demonstration of soothing music.

    ·         Stories relating to stress, anxiety and depression

    ·         Demonstrations of the app.


    Products on the stand:-


    ·         2 x IPads

    ·         1x IPhone

    ·         2x Android Phones

    ·         2x Headphones

    ·         Selfie stand and lighting

    ·         Zen Buddy Podium

    ·         Deckchair/Cushion/Blanket

    ·         Small table with booklets/bookmarks/wish cards and jar, coasters, bags of chocolates, owl stickers, free spa weekend flyer in display case

    ·         Zen Buddy display board

  • D69 ZYTO --