Aspects of Healing

Jane Butterworth

Jane Butterworth

Crystal Healing - Exceptional Tools for a Stressful World

Following SRN London Nurse training, Jane began her Spiritual Healing path over 30 years ago with the NFSH.

She trained in Crystal Healing at ICCH and went on to do advance training and OCN Accreditation.

She regularly teaches and writes articles, has a crystal sales business and runs Spiritus Exit, a paranormal investigation and healing team.

A Trustee for the CHO, she promotes professional and ethical healing practices with a modern and grounded approach.


The transformative power of using crystal energy in Spiritual Healing, personal meditation, protection and self-healing practices.

Our stressful, modern world has great need for their ancient, calming and grounding qualities.

Key Points

  • What is the difference between Spiritual Healing and Crystal Healing?
  • Known History of Crystal Healing
  • Main reasons for using crystals
  • Typical choices of crystal for grounding, psychic protection, healing the Aura, meditation and improving the atmosphere in the home or therapy room.