Aspects of Healing

Mandy Brown

Mandy Brown

Nipples to Kneecaps: To die or not to die with cancer

After supporting the recovery of her husband from ‘terminal’ cancer and writing and publishing their incredible journey, Mandy continues to support cancer patients and others in need of healing and guidance.

She has studied spiritual healing, psychology, nutrition, iridology, herbalism, Swedish massage and epigenetics in her quest to further her understanding of the human body.

Combining a background in teaching with her considerable experience, Mandy now delivers self development training. She is the author of a number of books and a thought provoking speaker.


Mandy Brown speaks from the heart about the journey her family shared with husband Steve who was diagnosed with cancer and sent home with three months to live.

What followed was research, an examination of the choices open to them and a decision to design their unique 'Beat Cancer Plan', with energy healing an integral part.

Hear Mandy tell the amazing story of the challenges they faced and how Steve's inspirational journey progressed.

Key Points

  • Can a positive attitude save your life?
  • Realise what the incredible human body is capable of
  • Miracle, energy or epigenetics?
  • Hear of their unusual plan and the role of complementary therapy
  • Take inspiration from the day to day foibles of a family who chose never to give up on love and life.