Aspects of Healing

Dena Barnett

Dena Barnett

Reinventing Medicine: The Role of Healing and Consciousness in Mainstream Medicine

Dena Barnett is an independent British film producer with over 20 years’ experience in film and TV production and the Arts.

She has freelanced for the BBC and Channel 4 and has over 20 Film and Television credits. Her work has included producing collaborative shows at The London Palladium, The Grosvenor House Hotel and Tivoli, Utrecht, Holland. She has also worked as a researcher in Arts & Entertainment and Factual Documentary at Carlton TV and was assistant director for the international feature film 24/7 with Bob Hoskins.

Dena began work on her first documentary film, “Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine”, in 2015.


“The greatest problem is not the acceptance of the reality of spiritual healing, but the implications of such an acceptance. “ Aubrey Rose, CBE, OBE.

Little scientific attention has been directed toward investigating healing practices. Only a few quality studies have examined the impact of spiritual healing in genuine clinical situations. What does this tell us about medicine and medical science?

The documentary Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine is about the intersection of healing and medicine.

Can a new paradigm in medical science be one that finally honours the human spirit and places it legitimately at the centre of medicine and science?

Key Points

  • Watch the trailer for the documentary Spiritual Healing: A New Frontier in Medicine.
  • The science and language of healing. The Western model of consciousness and the changing consciousness of the 21st Century.
  • Why healing has become a new medicine: Re-examination of medicine and changing paradigms.
  • Healing Research: The development of healing as a scientifically - based medicine.
  • UK and American viewpoints: Professor Chris Roe, Sandy Edwards, Larry Dossey M.D., Professor Bill Bengston, Lawrence Le Shan and Daniel Benor M.D.