Aspects of Healing

Jane Butterworth

Jane Butterworth

Soul Rescue Healing - a profound and deep form of Spiritual Healing

Jane is Secretary to the developing Soul Rescue Society and a CHO Trustee.

Following SRN London Nurse training, she began her Spiritual Healing path over 30 years ago.

She is also trained in Crystal and Sound Healing, regularly teaches and writes articles, and runs Spiritus Exit, a paranormal investigation and healing business.

She holds the Advance Certificate in Soul Rescue Healing, awarded to very few in the UK.


Discover the depth and speed of healing possible with the spiritual and psychic techniques of Soul Rescue Healing.

Soul Rescue practitioners have years of training to ensure their gifts are thoroughly and safely developed.

They aim to heal the negativity within the human energy field and the energies and entities found attached to homes, businesses and the land.

Key Points

  • What is the difference between Spiritual Healing and Soul Rescue?
  • S.P.P.A.M.- Levels of negativity found in the human energy field: Spirit attachments, Psychic / Emotional attachments, Past life, Ancestral, Memory imprints.
  • Using Spiritual Healing techniques and combining this with psychic understanding to clear a block.
  • Empowerment through as much client involvement in the clearing as possible.
  • Ghost Busting: What it is and what it is not! We aim to broker a peace between our two worlds and heal the situation, not just identify the problem and walk away…