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Kasia  Mikolajczyk

Kasia Mikolajczyk

Self - love meditation

Are you looking for that one person who will change your life? Stop and look closely in the reflection in the mirror – it is YOU that you’ve been searching for! 

Self love is the Foundation of all things in our life. When something clicks deep inside in our hearts that moment were our worthiness really roots deep within and we unmistakable know that we deserve Life full of Love and magic. We suddenly realize that we no longer are available to careers, relationships or thoughts which are not align with our highest expression of our desires and truth. Welcome more self love into your life!

Come and join us on Self love meditation, reconnecting to the core of your heart, where the unconditional love lies and awaits you. Reconnect to the feeling of nourishment, beauty, peacefulness, acceptance, fulfillment, worthiness, trust and blissfulness. YOU deserve to feel all the love there is!