Philip & Sophia Carr-Gomm, and Adam Harley

Finding Peace, Energy and Joy with Sophrology

Do you want to feel better, have more energy, free yourself from stress and anxiety – and lead a fuller, more creative life? Sophrology can help you achieve all these goals by combining movement, breathing and visualization in unusual ways to create simple and quick exercises that calm and energize you. It’s France’s best kept secret – thousands of people have been using sophrology there for decades – and now it’s reached the UK. Created by a neuropsychiatrist and developed by doctors and psychologists, it only takes ten minutes practice a day. Join us on this workshop led by Philip & Sophia Carr-Gomm, and Adam Harley. Together we’ll take you through an energising and relaxing experience that will give you a whole set of tools to help you de-stress, free yourself from worry, sleep more deeply and think more clearly. The workshop will be presented by Philip and Sophia Carr-Gomm and Adam Harley.

About Philip & Sophia Carr-Gomm, and Adam Harley

Philip is a psychotherapist and author of over a dozen books, including Empower Your Life with Sophrology. He leads the world’s largest group practising the nature spirituality of the Druids, and has been giving workshop and talks all over the world for the last thirty years. Having trained as a Mindfulness Meditation and Sophrology teacher, he presents a combination of these two approaches to help you transform your life.

In this workshop he is joined by Adam Harley and his daughter Sophia. They are both actors and are interested in the way sophrology can help anyone achieve their very best. 

Sophia trained in dance at the Laban School and in acting at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She started working mainly in television and film: Shetland, Mr Selfridge, Inbetweeners, World’s End & Doctors. In recent years she has turned her attention to filmmaking. She now directs freelance and has started her own production company. Recently she was awarded Best Director at the Oslo Independent Film Festival. 

Adam trained at the world-famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London. While there he worked with highly skilled voice, movement and acting teachers and developed a deep understanding of the body and voice, and how it relates to creativity, intuition and artistry. Adam has also spent time studying psychology at Birkbeck University and has facilitated workshops for large groups of primary and secondary school children and disabled adults. Adam has used mindfulness and sophrology to prepare before performing on TV, film and in the theatre and to help cope with a busy job working in the charity sector as a press officer. He is committed to teaching Sophrology to people who would otherwise not have come across it.
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