Sonia Ducie

Numerology - For You, Life and the Universe

At this Numerology Workshop we explore the significance of key numbers that influence your life and the world right now. Discover the hidden messages in your special numbers and significant dates. Learn how to apply Numerology to your Date of Birth and Birth Names - how to draw up a simple Birth Chart. Recognize, communicate, connect, and express your true self. 

About Sonia Ducie

Sonia Ducie is the author of 12 best-selling Numerology books and 'The Self Help Reflexology Handbook', translated into 14 languages. She is also a Teacher-Trainer with The Conaissance School of Numerology, Hertfordshire, where she also teaches The Esoteric Tarot. For 26 years Sonia has been consulting to businesses and individuals, teaching and giving media interviews. 'Consciousness Through Number for World Peace' (CSN).